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Buy Androver. To achieve incredible results, athletes today use special additives that allow them to exceed their own targets. One such tool is Androver. The drug acts as a powerful steroid different anabolic impact. The product is sold in oral form. As the active component acts as Oxymetholone. The synthesis of this element was conducted in the middle of the last century. Engaged in the laboratory of Syntex Pharmaceuticals. Originally it was planned to apply this tool in order to combat anemia, and to treat osteoporosis. He also demonstrated excellent results in terms of increasing the efficiency of the muscular system in patients with weakened body.

the Athletes have the opportunity to buy Androver almost immediately after he received approval from the American Commission for the control of medicines. Today the drug is mostly used by athletes, as in recent years, the development for the treatment of anemiei. Thanks to the researches managed to prove that Oxymetholone has great potential in treating HIV infection. So complete disappearance from the medical field, as in the case of other drugs, has not occurred.

features of the application. Andover shows excellent anabolic level, and relatively low androgenic effect. It is this feature that made it especially interesting for weightlifters. In the process of taking athletes to observe:

powerful gains in muscle mass; the increase in power performance; the fall in SHBG.

buy Androver is to those who have been looking for effective sports pharmacology, which is sold in oral form. In this segment of the drug simply has no analogues. 2 weeks, you can obtain about 5 kg of muscles, and to complete the course this level is tripled. In the future, there is a certain kickback, which can reach 30 percent of the total mass. This happens due to the high content of body fluids in the admissions process.

Androver you can always order on our website. The company is ready to offer each customer the best conditions of cooperation. Buy Androver is every athlete who prefers the oral form of the steroids.

Package 50mg/100tab
Substance Oxymetholone

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