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the combined use of these drugs brings physical form of the athlete to a new level. The course stanazolol Deca generates only pure, solid muscle, throughout the course. Nandrolone is a stronger anabolic steroid with weak androgenic properties, it allows him to develop quality muscle with minimal water retention and with minor risk of side effects. The course Nandrolone stanazolol creates a good combination, they complement each other. stanazolol is perfectly dried the muscles of an athlete, not allowing water to accumulate nandrolone and Deca, in turn, allows stanazolol dry joints and ligaments due to increased level of synovial fluid in the joints that allows you to train with extreme weights without fear of injury. As a result, the athlete 5-6 weeks 7-8 kg gets a beautiful, massive muscles with great relief and vascularity. Adds to physical training by 10-15% and improves their overall physical health, strengthening of bones, joints, immune system, trigger anabolic and metabolic processes. On the rate of protein utilization is increased several tens of times, this to improve results it is recommended to take protein on a regular basis. By the way, stanazolol contributes to the suppression of process of aromatization of androgen into female hormones, this applies to all anabolic androgenic steroids, which decrease the risk of undesirable consequences against the background of this.

How to take the course stanazolol Deca professional reviews

in the preparation of course always necessary to consider the capacity of nandrolone decanoate, a lower dose lead to a more refined set of masses, in smaller amounts, but with high quality and doverennosti. In this case, the course lasts for 6 weeks. Deca is once a week, on one particular day, weekly on the same day, You enter intramuscularly 2 ml - 200 mg durabolin Soundboard.

In the case of oral strombafort You take 3 tablets 30 mg daily, in the morning, before eating. stanazolol is made within 5 weeks.

after the course start taking clomid, it normalizes hormone balance, reduce the level of prolactin caused by nandrolone and restores the natural secretion of gonadotropin which will allow you to save the results.

the course includes:

Deca durabolin - 6 amp / 200 mg (Organon Holland)

strombafort - 100 tablets / 10 mg (Balcan Pharmaceutical Moldova)

Package 200mg/ml + 100tabs/10mg
Substance Nandrolone Decanoate + Stanozolol

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Course Deca Stanozolol

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