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proper preparation of the course can help the athlete without much effort and in a short time to gain enough muscle mass and improve their physical fitness. Efficiency, which has a course of Sustanon stanazolol - objective and universal, the course is designed specifically for the period of masonboro, and is suitable for different levels of athletes the purpose which it is necessary to gain as much quality muscle with minimal risk of side effects.

Sustanon is a drug which includes 4 forms of testosterone, each of them has a different period of absorption in the blood, but because the steroid takes effect from the start of the course and entering only once a week, supports high levels of testosterone in the body throughout the course, making it more practical to use. He is prone to the aromatase enzyme to estradiol, resulting provokes fluid retention and accumulation of subcutaneous fat, but in combination with stanazolol, the conversion process is suppressed and adverse effects due to high level zenskih hormones will not harm You. The big advantage to sustanon is its period of elimination from the body, Testosterone continues to be released into the bloodstream for three weeks after the last injection, thus the athlete continues to feel the effect of the steroid for another several weeks while wow is not inserting.

over stanazolol has a strong anabolic effect, it allows you to bring the muscles to a maximum level of quality after receiving stanazolol muscles are particularly rigidity and schennosti muscle fibers, each muscle group is dried and becomes more relief and brought. Stack with sustanon creates the effect of a pre-competitive form, when athletes with large volumes of muscle mass look dry and aesthetically pleasing.

How to make the course

This cycle varies according to the experience of the athlete in steroid use, it is a powerful course and need to adhere to regulatory dosages. stanazolol should be taken daily, in the morning, before eating. Strombafort tablets dose should not exceed 40 mg (4 tabl). Sustanon for intermediate level athletes use once a week, in the same day. Choose any day of the week, and every week on this day inject 250 mg of sustanon for 6-8 weeks. It is known that both components result in suppression of the production of testosterone in the body, after a course when the body stops receiving 250 mg testosterone, you need to quickly restore production. To do this, take the end of a course of HCG, it will restore the synthesis process and save the results.

In this course included:

strombafort - 100 tablets / 10 mg

SUST 300 - 10 ml / 300 mg

Package 10ml/300mg + 100tabs/10mg
Substance Sustanon + Stanozolol

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Course Sustanon Stanozolol

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