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Jintropin 10 IU 10 (Jintropin)

Jintropin is a drug whose properties have surpassed the strongest anabolics. Its effectiveness surpasses all sorts of results. This growth hormone nature is synthesized in the human body. He is not only well gaining muscle mass, but also positively affects all the physical parameters of the organism as a whole.

the human Body is designed so that it can not carry more than allowed. This drug denied this fact. His actions are actively working on achieving maximum results in spite of human abilities and limitations.

drug Efficacy

athletes from around the world praised this drug among the rest thanks to a stunning result. In modern sports pharmacology he is a leader on the benefits and reviews.

Special properties Jintropin:

physical activity is the stimulus that causes the drug to work and to good effect; increase protein synthesis for muscle growth (anabolic effect); increase appetite and calories turn into energy, which the organism uses with benefits (fat burning effects); strengthening the skeletal system, ligaments, cartilage and tendons (reduction in injuries); the increase in power performance; improve immunity of the organism as a whole; increase in coefficient of performance; lowering cholesterol; the increase libido.

the Course of the drug Jintropin

the Dosage and period of taking the drug depends on the sport, it loads and directions of action.

the event rate is about 8 MEALS per day. For maximum results, anabolic effect of the recommended dose of 12-16 UNITS per day 3-6 months. You must take a break equal to the duration of the course of treatment.

On our site you can not only order the drug, but make a special one just for you the dosage and length of treatment Jintropin. We will help you choose the course that is optimal for your body, health and maximum effect.

Package 10 Vial x 10 IU
Substance Human Growth Hormone

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Jintropin 10

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