• Kigtropin 10

Kigtropin 10 IU-10 (Igtropin)

This drug consistently proven itself among athletes. Igtropin is growth hormone, which has not only somatic growth, but also growth of the skeleton. The drug has shown itself in practice usage, such as:

effective; quality; safe.

the Drug Kigtropin leads to normal entire body and the body, and improves skin tone. The fat cells are burned off during class, thus gaining quality mass. Muscles become stiff, strong and elastic, due to the fat burning effect. This is good because the weight of the person remains the same, which is important for athletes in a particular weight category.

the Main effects of the drug

Kigtropin has established itself on the positive side, with these qualities:

strengthening cartilage and tendons; strengthening connective tissue; the avoidance of injury; the strengthening of the bones and ligaments; allows you to take a heavy load in training.

Application Centrepin

For a set of muscle mass combined with anabolic steroid drugs, insulin. Possible combination of two tools at the same time. This combination of drugs provides the most effective result and save it after completing the course. For one course, which lasts for 1.5 months, weight is 8 kg. the Rate should be based on the goals and nature of training.

here you can buy Kigtropin (Kigtropin), without worrying about fakes and scams. We value our reputation and work honestly with clients. We will help you choose the right course that will give you maximum results without any side effects.

Package 10 Vial x 10 IU
Substance HGH

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Kigtropin 10

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