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Danabol from BalkanPharmaceuticals is a classic "dbol", is actively used for over half a century in power sports. As the active substance this tool acts as Methandrostenolone is an anabolic androgenic and anabolic origin, who to this day can be found available for sale in some States (such as Moldova).

Method of application

As a rule, Dianabol is taken orally. However, there are several companies that produce injectable form, while the demand for it is virtually nonexistent.

Effects from the use of danabol

To buy steroids in USA without predplatitele increase muscle mass. Still the good old "dbol" is a leader among athletes who want to dial up to 15 percent of body weight over a short period (one solo of course). The acceleration of the process of protein synthesis. It should be noted that tablets of danabol pushing the body to an increased development of protein, which in turn provides the ability to quickly repair damaged muscle fibers during the training process. Increased appetite. During the use of Danabol from BalkanPharmaceuticals athletes train much harder and as a result, it requires a greater amount of nutrients to replenish your body. A significant increase in power performance. Strengthening the joints, ligaments and the skeletal system. Anti-catabolic action. It is worth mentioning that Methandienone does not allow the muscles to "sokilets", muscles are quickly restored during the breaks between exercises.

Methandienone (Methandrostenolone) is Testosterone, which is modified to reduce the androgenic (2 times), and increase anabolic (2 times) properties. Same active substance comes into contact with androgen cell receptors.

How to use Danabol. Recommended cycle danabol

Danabol side effects photo In the beginning, I would like to mention that the course danabol have each person choose individually. Optimal dosage for men is intake of steroid is from 5 to 50 mg per day for 7 to 8 weeks. In that case, if the first course is advisable to begin with small doses, as well as a small length of time. However, regardless of the daily dosage, should ultimately "crush".

to Use tablets of Danabol should be every 3-5 hours (according to its half-life) – this will enable the maintenance of a hormonal background at the same level during the day.

Methandienone itself is toxic to the liver and should be consumed after meals. If you want to gain lean muscle mass (not a secret that Methandienone retains water in the body, so to speak, "flooding" you) you want to include in the course and Stanozolol. In addition, a very effective combination with serious testosterone sustanon or other powerful anabolic nandrolone.

Although the majority of users are male, often there are disputes and questions about how to use Danabol women and whether they use it at all? Yes, women really can take Danabol, however, the dosage should not be more than 5 mg daily.

Possible side effects

today, there are many damaging information in relation to the admission methandienone. Some authors exaggerate too much its possible side effects, in turn, on the contrary lowering its anabolic effect.

the Course danabol should be to "dilute" any estrogens: for example, clomid or tamoxifen. A large part of the side effects (high blood pressure, testicular atrophy, hair loss, acne, masculinization in women and gynecomastia in men) can be found in athletes who substantially greater than both the dosage and the duration of the course.

Danabol reviews

it Should be noted that reviews of Danabol 10 from Balkan Pharmaceuticals among athletes are quite contradictory. Huge lot of complaints comes from beginners who are unhappy with the phenomenon of recoil and the fact that their strong "fills" with water. However, without exception, athletes and ordinary sportsmen are satisfied with the resulting effect on the duration of the course, which in result it is possible to gain up to 10 kg (and sometimes more) muscle mass.
Bad reviews about danabol among professional bodybuilders almost impossible to meet. A classic dianabol is fully compliant with all the results declared by the manufacturer.

the Skilled athletes receive for the course a slight weight gain, however, the appropriate combination with other AAS makes it possible to avoid the phenomenon of recoil and in turn, everything typed is not going anywhere. To date, Methandrostenolone is one of the best steroids in terms of price and quality.

the price Danabol

Danabol (Methandrostenolone). Methandrostenolone is a very effective anabolic steroid with universal action. Available in the form of capsules called Danabol. Also, the product can be purchased in the form of tablets or vials with active substance. Until relatively recently, the tool can be found in pharmacies, which is why this reality is so popular among experienced athletes. Upon a high anabolic effect which gives Danabol, its price is quite affordable.

the working Principle of the drug. Like most anabolics drugs, Methandrostenolone was not originally designed for bodybuilding. It was used during the period of rehabilitation after burns. But after some time it was actively used by athletes to accelerate muscle building.

the Main advantages of the steroid:

the rapid increase in muscle mass; the increase in power performance; a slight effect of weight loss; stimulation of appetite; a positive effect on the skeletal system; low androgenic effect.

the Rapid increase in muscle mass is due to the fact that Danabol in the body starts the process of protein synthesis and disintegration of glycogen. The drug is not broken down in the liver and is stronger than the same amount of testosterone. The drug Danabol can be bought at an affordable cost in our store.

the Principle of operation of the drug is that the active ingredient binds to androgen receptors, decreases androgen and enhances anabolic properties. One course allows you to gain 10 to 15 kilograms mass, and increase strength. Many athletes who have decided to buy Danabol and used to improve the efficiency of training, note that this tool helped them to overcome the barrier and achieve higher results. It is noted that Methandrostenolone can cause fluid retention, but for the blocking effect of the fullness of the muscles many people take the complex antiestrogens.

to buy Danabol

Features of the drug. Before you buy Danabol and start the course of his admission, should pay attention to some features. First and foremost, you need to remember that Methandrostenolone accelerates protein synthesis, so taking this steroid, you should pay particular attention to diet. One kilogram of mass you need to calculate 2 grams of protein in the balance of carbohydrates 4-5 grams. Do not overdo it, as this is not the reality, which will help in mastering large amounts of protein.

it is believed that the most effective regimen of a steroid is "hill", when the drug is taken for five consecutive days followed by one day of break. For those who are just starting to build muscle, such a scheme will not be effective. It is recommended to calculate the dose individually, from 5 to 20 mg. if the dose is 10 mg or more, it is necessary to split this number into two doses.

Buy Danabol

choosing the steroid Danabol, which is affordable in comparison with many other anabolic steroids, it is worth considering that after a course of treatment need to go through post-cycle therapy. As a rule, the PCT appointed antiestrogens and medications.

Contrary to popular belief, Methandrostenolone is not suitable for women, many athletes actively use it. Of course, the dose in this case is much smaller than for male athletes. Certified Danabol buy on our website very simple. Besides quality products, we are ready to provide competent advice from specialists, convenient terms of payment and delivery of goods.

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