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Oxandrolone (drug, also known under the trade brand Anavar), also: Vasorome, Oxandrin and Anatrophill. In bodybuilding this tool was a slang name from the female name is “Oksana”. This drug is an anabolic steroid, which originally appeared in 1964 under the trade brand of Anavar. The drug became widely known due to the fact that it has a high level of anabolic activity (approximately 400 percent of testosterone), and at the same time, the extremely low level of androgenic activity (approximately 20 percent of testosterone).

Initially, Oxandrolone should be used in the treatment of the following diseases:

HIV infection; Turner Syndrome; Anemia; As well as for strengthening the bones and after burn recovery.

However, after a couple of years Anavar had begun using athletes in bodybuilding and Amateurs of healthy lifestyle. It should be noted that Oksana was able to become a great alternative to dbol (dianabol). Last, in those days, was the most common anabolic steroid.

Athletes, engaged not only in bodybuilding but also in other sports, quickly recognized the benefits of this as and began using Oxandrolon on a regular basis. Note the time that it was at the time and Anavar was entered in the list of controlled assets.

oxandrolone Steroid profile

Androgenic activity is 20 percent of the testosterone; The anabolic effect is 400 percent of the testosterone; The conversion to estrogen (aromatase); Toxicity on the liver (hepatotoxicity) is reasonable; The drug is used orally (tablets); The duration of action of the drug is 8 to 12 hours; The time over which the drug can be detected is not more than 45 days.

Effects from the use of Oxandrolon

The main effect of the drug is the ability to increase the hardness and adherence of the muscles; Fat burning; The increasing force. The increase in growth hormone levels.

Note that the use of a rate anavar SOLO is impractical during a set of muscle mass. This tool is recommended for those athletes who have decent muscle mass and the purpose of which is to burn subcutaneous fat, to muscle hardness and buy the terrain.

the Possible side effects of steroid

the Toxicity on the liver is not significant (moderate) even despite the fact that this drug is a alpha-17-alkylated steroid. Based on the results of the study, the daily intake anavar at a dosage of 20 mg for 12 weeks does not affect the level of liver enzymes (it acts as an indicator of liver damage).

in the estrogen Oxandrolone is not converted, in other words, such possible side effects as deposits on the female type, water retention, gynecomastia, acne (acne), etc. do not exist.

the Steroid to a small extent affects the level of production of its own testosterone (one might even say that does not have any significant effect) but this is the case, if not abused. That is, in moderate doses this agent does not cause the oppression of this axis, as the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes.

However, when dosages of anavar are elevated, the human body begins to respond to this decline in gonadotropin production, suggesting that endogenous testosterone level is too high. In addition, the lack of stimulation of Leydig cells, in turn, leads to the atrophy of the testicles.

Suppression of own production of testosterone is expressed by sluggish erection and decreased LIBIDO. However, it can be countered by adding in the course of Gonadotropin or simply by creating a combined course with the content of androgenic drugs.

rarely, but still,from time to time, there are possible side effects from using anavar as:

Nausea; Loss of appetite; Headaches; Abdominal pain; Increase in blood pressure.

By and large, side effects can be found very rarely, for this reason, the drug is one of the most safe among anabolic steroids in the market.

Oxandrolone: the course “SOLO”

the Course is ideal for those athletes who want to increase muscle hardness and relief.

you Should consult doctors in order to identify the likely condition (for example, prostate hypertrophy, liver disease, and others).

the course Duration is 6 to 8 weeks.

the Dosage should start with 20 mg per day. They should be divided into 2 reception (morning and afternoon). After a week you should up the dosage to 40 mg a day (maximum dose is 80 mg). Should be divided into 3 doses (morning, lunch and evening).

2 days after completion of the course, you must go to receive tamoxifen in dosages comprising not more than 10 mg per day (to restore your own testosterone production), and so for 1-2 weeks (10 mg per day).

the Reviews about the drug Oxandrolone

This drug among exercising athletes is quite soft. When taking 40 mg a day this preparation gives almost no side effects. This is due to the fact that the substance was initially developed for children and women. He belongs to that class of steroid drugs that do not inhibit physical development in adolescents. And the fact that it does not close the connection apofiza that it is used to accelerate the growth of the body in adolescents. Women this drug is used in cases of such diseases as osteoporosis. As written by athletes, this drug doesn't cause so-called effect of masculinization. So it is used in training female athletes. External manifestations of masculinity have almost unchecked.

Oxandrolone helps build muscle and improves the power characteristics of the athletes. Excess fluid in the body does not accumulate, unlike many other drugs of steroids. It is used by many security forces, who wish to increase strength but not gain in weight. Although this drug does not increase much muscle mass, but it is quite good at interacting with other steroid drugs. According to the testimony of athletes this drug does not cause aromatization effect in any dose. Also, if its application is practically no loose and watery muscles. If you combine it with the diet, the muscles will be hard and dry. However, it can cause a feeling of heaviness in the stomach if taken with food.

Even in large doses, it does not affect the production of testosterone. He also does not suppress the production of hormones in the body. So this drug is toxic enough that it can be used for quite a long time without damage to the body. But the period of intake should not exceed a few months so as not to cause burden on the liver of the athlete.

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