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Stanover is one of the commercial names of stanozolol is widely known. This anabolic steroid is used for a set of quality muscle mass.

In its effects missanabie it is comparable to methandienone, but, unlike the latter, does not retain water in the body, so it is especially nice to receive during the precompetitive period. A substance found in the blood within three weeks after the last appointment.

Stanozolol is a dihydrotestosterone derivative, but, thanks to the special molecular structure with the presence of five benzene rings, which suppresses progesterone the activity of other steroid drugs. So Stanover is an fresh steroid for combined courses.

Stanozolol is produced in the form of tablets and as an injectable drug. Advanced athletes use the drug in liquid form, as it allows to increase the dosage.

the Drug is included in the exchange after only a few hours after injection. In addition to significant gains in muscle mass, a course of Stanover leads to a noticeable increase in physical strength and endurance.

that is why Stanozolol is often used at the end of the course when, after the muscle building, there are problems with excess fluid and fat in the body.

in addition to muscle building also recorded a strong increase in physical strength and endurance. Judging by the reviews of Stanover, power indicators largely remain after completion of the course.

Stanover. Side effects.

Stanover alkilirovanny for 17-alpha, that is, carries the potential harm of the liver. This means that the drug is to limit 6-8 weeks. A negative feature of stanozolol is a change in the ratio between "good" and "bad" cholesterol in favor of the latter. Stanozolol reduces the activity of binding globulin. This steroid is strongly recommended for women athletes because of its ability to cause severe virilization, although much depends on the state of the hormonal system in each case.

Stanover from“, oral steroid, which” does not aromatize into estrogens, so there is no need to simultaneously use antiestrogen. Also this drug does not cause fluid retention in the body that helps to give your muscles more dry and expressive form.

How to take Stanover

the Recommended dosage for men is 50-100 mg/day, for women 10-20 mg/day.

during the course of Stanover can be taken solo, but it goes well with other similar drugs, for example testosterone, turinabol or Anabela. Beginners tend to combine it with primobolan or nandrolone.

the Combination of oxandrolone stimulates a significant increase in power performance. In addition, this important combination most often used by the athletes for whom weight gain is not relevant.

Due to the fact that the active substance suppresses the effects of the flavoring, you can buy Stanover and combine it with steroids, featuring a powerful androgenic effects. Stanozolol is effective for "drying", and during work on the terrain, it's combined with boldenone, trenbolone, fluoxymesterone and Drostanolone.

Stanover known another effect: the injection of local bodybuilders say muscle growth, which allows the precompetitive period to finalize the contours of certain muscles.

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