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Testosterone Sustamed 250 mg/1 ml

Sustamed is a firm that manufactures Sustanon. It comes from Balcan. Form release: 5 ampoules 1 ml 250 mg/ 1 ml active substance. Sustamed, price which 1 amp is 1.95.e. you can buy from us.

This drug is a blend of 4 esters of testosterone. Their working principle is that they function in the body alternately, ensuring stable blood concentration of the active substance. This makes Sustamed need for people who are in such kinds of sports: powerlifting, bodybuilding. The drug is good for drying and for mass.

the Course Sustamed

Sustamed take both separately and in combination with other drugs. A standard technique is the combination of androgen and anabolic. Androgen – this is Sustamed. Well combined with sustamed:

Nandrolone; Decanoate; stanazolol; Boldenone; Trenbolone.

This combination increases the efficiency and removes the possibility of side effects. Often sustanon doing complexes that include 3-4 of the drug.

to inject Sustanon 1 time a week or 250-500 mg 1 once in 3-4 days. The course lasts 6-8 weeks.

Sustamed buy can have. For this you need to place an order in our store or website. We provide a warranty to the original Sustamed.

Package 250mg/1ml
Substance Sustanon

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