• Testosterone Enanthate Stanozolol cycle

This course focused on good increase in muscle mass is a combination of testosterone with a long ester enanthate, which are strong androgenic properties that are supported throughout the course. Testosterone is prone to aromatization, because during the course we can expect the accumulation of water and fat. stanazolol acts as a correcting drug, it dries significantly body fat, reduces the percentage of water in the muscles is a good antiestrogen, and also contributes to the development of phenomenal strength and endurance. High anabolic index stanazolol creates all the preconditions to improving the quality of recruited the masses, at the close of the course, the musculature of the athlete becomes large, bold and aesthetically pleasing, no issues. The muscles remain for a long time, the phenomenon of recoil is practically non-existent. In Testosterone enanthate stanazolol course, the athlete can gain up to 8 kg of muscle mass and increase strength by about 23 %, accelerated protein synthesis and recovery allow muscles to get tired and quickly returns back to its initial position, allowing the athlete to train more often and better.

How to adopt

Receiving stanazolol course is a "ladder" starting with the lowest dose and gradually increasing it throughout the course. Tablet taken in the morning, before eating. enanthate must be cleaved twice in a week, the weekly dosage should not exceed 600 mg, the dose, the athlete should be divided into two times, for example Monday and 300 mg Thursday as 300 mg. Below is a diagram of admission stanazolol.
week 1: 20 mg / day.

week 2: 30 mg / day

week 3: 40 mg / day.

week 4: 30 mg / day

week 5: 20 mg / day

enanthate stanazolol course made with drugs that can inhibit the secretion of androgen hormones in the body that would eliminate this process after completing the course, you must use Tribulus that would be as soon as possible to restore production and save the results. Taken 2 weeks.

the structure of this combination, we have included the highest quality products from renowned brands of TEST E 300 from Geber Pharmaceuticals (Germany) which has 1 ml of 300 mg testosterone and stanazolol from Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

Test E 300 - 10ml / 300 mg

strombafort - 100 tablets / 10 mg

Package 10ml/300mg + 100tabs/10mg
Substance Testosterone Enanthate + Stanozolol

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Testosterone Enanthate Stanozolol cycle

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