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The longest Testosterone (ester) - Testosterone Cypionate from Geber Pharmaceuticals. This is an oil-based injection solution, which is often combined with other drugs. It affects the body like natural Testosterone, which is independently excreted in the body of men. It performs physical functions: coarse voice, sexual harassment, aggression, muscle mass, and emotional functions.

Proper use of the drug does not cause undesirable results.

Cypionate is widely used in the United States, produced more in Germany. Americans often use this drug in their sport. The drug has a strong anabolic effect. Duration about 2 weeks.

Taking testosterone cypionate

The drug mainly acts on the increase in muscle mass and strength indicators. The body fluid does not linger. Combining the drug with Propecia reduces the risk of side effects by blocking the synthesis of testosterone.

According to customers who connect their lives with sports and buy the drug from us, Cypionate is characterized by such qualities:

good muscle mass gain; ease of portability of the drug; obtaining the expected effect; availability; affordable price; no side effects.
Package 10ml. 250mg./ml.
Substance Testosterone cypionate

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Test C 250

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