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Testosterone Propionate SP. Testosterone Propionate SP is one of the most famous and popular steroid designed to increase overall muscle mass. As practice shows, the drug is more effective when carrying out drying, because it has a specific action on the body of the athlete.

How to use the drug. Testosterone Propionate SP to buy is worth for the reason that it the anabolic activity is 100%. This is a very high figure, but we should not forget that the androgenic activity is also equal to 100%. This means that the drug must be combined with the use of gonadotropin, anti-estrogens and inhibitors aromotase.

To the whole cycle was well written and carried out, you should seek the advice of your fitness instructors. Starting with the second week of the course, you need to take Proviron and during post-cycle therapy Tamoxifen. At the end of the cycle you should start taking cortisol blockers that received during the training the muscle mass could be preserved.

Testosterone Propionate SP may be the only steroid during the course, however, it can be combined with drugs such as Stanozolol, Masteron, Primobolan.

Testosterone Propionate SP to buy should be those athletes who want to recover faster after workouts, to keep the overall tone upbeat.

Because of the drug Testosterone Propionate SP short period, injections will need to perform through the day. Beginners are recommended to begin with doses of 50 mg, and experienced athletes and professional athletes can take 100 mg daily.

the drug has side-effects, such as:

gynecomastia; baldness of the head; enlarged prostate; increased oiliness of the skin and the appearance of acne.

the Use of steroid must be accompanied by a reinforced high-calorie diet and taking sports supplements. Own testosterone production is restored within two to three months after the course. Therefore, you should not exceed the recommended dose because this may increase the negative impact on the axis hypothalamus – pituitary – testes.

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